Top SQL Server Interview Questions With Answers in 2020

Top SQL Server Interview Questions With Answers in 2020

List of commonly asked SQL Server Interview Questions And Answers to assist You steel oneself against The Upcoming Interview:

In this tutorial, i will be able to be covering a number of the foremost commonly asked SQL Server Interview inquiries to cause you to conversant in the sort of questions which will be asked during employment Interview associated with the SQL SERVER.

The list includes questions from most important areas of the SQL Server. These will assist you in handling the beginners and advanced level interview.

SQL Server is one among the foremost important electronic database Management Systems (RDBMS) for performing functions of retrieving and storing data. Therefore, many questions are asked from this subject during technical interviews.

Top SQL Server Interview Questions With Answers in 2020

SQL Server Interview Questions And Answers

  • what’s SQL Profiler?

SQL Profiler may be a tool which allows supervisor to watch events within the SQL server. this is often mainly wont to capture and save data about each event of a file or a table for analysis.

  • what’s recursive stored procedure?

SQL Server supports recursive stored procedure which calls by itself. Recursive stored procedure are often defined as a way of problem solving wherein the answer is arrived repetitively. It can nest up to 32 levels.

  • that TCP/IP port will SQL Server run on?

Ans.: By default SQL Server runs on port 1433.

  • what’s the distinction between clustered and non-clustered index?

Ans.: A clustered index is AN index that rearranges the table within the order of the index itself. Its leaf nodes contain information pages. A table will have just one clustered index.

A non-clustered index is AN index that doesn’t re-arrange the table within the order of the index itself. Its leaf nodes contain index rows rather than information pages. A table will have several non-clustered indexes.

  • List the various index configurations doable for a table?

Ans.: A table will have one in every of the subsequent index configurations:

No indexes
A clustered index
A clustered index and plenty of non-clustered indexes
A non-clustered index
Many non-clustered indexes

  • what’s the recovery model? List the categories of recovery models accessible in SQL Server?

Ans.: The recovery model tells SQL Server what information ought to be unbroken within the group action log file and for the way long. A info will have just one recovery model. It additionally tells SQL server that backup is feasible in an exceedingly explicit elite recovery model.

Here Some Basic SQL Server Interview Questions For Jobs

There square measure 3 forms of recovery models:


    • What square measure the various backups accessible in SQL Server?

Ans.: totally different doable backups are:

Full backup
Differential Backup
Transactional Log Backup
Copy solely Backup
File and Filegroup backup

  • what’s a Full Backup?

Ans.: A full backup is that the commonest sort of backup in SQL Server. this can be the whole backup of the info. It additionally contains a part of the group action log so it may be recovered.

  • what’s OLTP?

Ans.: OLTP suggests that on-line group action process that follows rules {of information|of knowledge|of information} social control to confirm data integrity. mistreatment these rules, advanced info is diminished into a most straightforward structure.

  • what’s RDBMS?

Ans.: RDBMS or {relational informationbase|electronic database|on-line database|computer database|electronic information service} Management Systems square measure management systems that maintain data within the type of tables. we will produce relationships between the tables. AN RDBMS will recombine the information things from totally different files, providing powerful tools for information usage.

  • What square measure the properties of the relative tables?

Ans.: relative tables have six properties:

Values square measure atomic.
Column values square measure of a similar kind.
Each row is exclusive.
The sequence of columns is insignificant.
The sequence of rows is insignificant.
Each column should have a novel name.

  • During which TCP/IP port will SQL Server run? will it’s changed?

SQL Server runs on port 1433. Yes, it may be modified from the network utility TCP/IP properties.

  • What ar the authentication modes in SQL Server? however will it’s changed?

Authentication mode is employed for authentication of the user in SQL server, and it may be selected at the time of setup of the information engine.

SQL Server supports 2 authentication modes: Window authentication mode and mixed mode.

Window authentication mode: This authentication mode is employed to attach through a Microsoft National Trust four.0 or window 2000 user account. In Windows authentication server take computer’s username and word for authentication purpose. SQL server authentication mode is disabled during this mode.

Mixed mode: it’s accustomed connect with the instance of SQL Server exploitation window authentication or SQL Server authentication. In SQL server authentication mode a novel username and word ar needed for a specific information, because it won’t rely upon windows account.

Top SQL Server Interview Questions With Answers in 2020

Here Some Important SQL Server Interview Questions

  • what’s SQL Server Profiler?

Microsoft SQL Server Profiler could be a graphical program that permits system directors to observe events of the information engine. SQL server profiler trace monitor each event to a file. SQL profiler may be used for period observance of information or conjointly for future analysis of information.

  • You can do the subsequent things with a SQL Server Profiler –
  • You can produce a trace.
  • You can watch the trace results once the trace runs.
  • You can store the trace leads to a table.
  • You can establish the bugs in queries and diagnose it.

If it’s necessary, you’ll begin, stop, pause and modify the trace results.

  • what’s the SQL Server agent? **Its Repeted SQL Server Interview Questions **

SQL Server agent could be a element of Microsoft SQL Server. it’s a background tool of Microsoft SQL Server, thus it runs endlessly within the background as a window service. SQL Server agent permits the information administrator to handles machine-driven tasks and schedules jobs. It runs a window service thus will begin mechanically once the system boots otherwise you will begin it manually.

  •  what’s “scheduled jobs” or “scheduled tasks”?

Scheduled tasks allow you to manage the tasks in an automatic manner that runs on regular or certain cycles. you’ll schedule body tasks and conjointly confirm the order during which tasks can run.

Note.. Mark This SQL Server Interview Questions Because Its Everytime ask.

Top SQL Server Interview Questions With Answers in 2020

  • what’s the DBCC command and why is it used?

DBCC stands for information consistency checker. This command is employed to visualize the consistency of the information. DBCC command facilitate to review and observance the upkeep of tables, database, and for validation of operations done on the information, etc. For example:

DBCC CHECKDB: It makes positive that table within the information and therefore the indexes ar properly coupled.

DBCC CHECKALLOC: It checks all pages within the information and makes positive that each one ar properly allotted.

DBCC CHECKFILEGROUP: It checks all table file cluster for any harm.

IF the user executes the higher than commands, a information photograph is made through the information engine, and it continues within the consistent transactional state. After that, It runs the checks against keep information photograph, and when the completion of the command, it born the photograph.

Its Most Asking SQL Server Interview Questions …

  •  What command is employed to rename the database?

sp_renamedb ‘oldname’, ‘newname’;

  •  will SQL Server be coupled with different Servers like Oracle?

Yes, it may be coupled to any Server. it’s OLE-DB supplier from Microsoft which permit linking.

  • what’s the distinction between abstract and interface?

Abstract class:

It provides a collection of rules to implement next category. Rules ar provided through abstract strategies.
An Abstract methodology doesn’t contain any definition.

When a category contains all functions while not the body, it’s known as as totally Abstract category.
Another category will inherit just one abstract category.


If a category contains all abstract strategies, then that category is named Interface.
Interface support like multiple inheritances.
An Interface doesn’t contain any implementation
We can solely use public or abstract modifiers.

Top SQL Server Interview Questions

  •  what’s the distinction between the appliance object and session object?

The session object is employed to take care of the session of every user. If a user enters into associate degree application, he gets a session id, and once he leaves application, then the session id is deleted. If he enters once more into the appliance, he gets a distinct session id, except for application object, once ad id is generated, it maintains the full application.

  • Is there any distinction between primary key and distinctive with the NOT NULL condition?

There is no distinction between primary key and distinctive key however, a novel key can enable single NULL, however within the primary key, no NULL is accepted.

  •  what’s the distinction between price kind and reference type? ( In my job Hr Ask This SQL Server Interview Questions)

Value kind and reference kind could also be similar concerning declaration syntax and usage, however their linguistics ar distinct. price kind and reference kind dissent with the memory space, wherever it keep.

  • The Value kind is keep on the stack whereas reference kind is keep on the heap.
  • The Value kind stores real information whereas reference kind stores respect to the info.
  • Accessing is quicker within the price kind on comparison to reference kind.
  • The price kind will contain null price whereas reference kind cannot hold a null value.
  • The value sorts ar derived from System. price kind whereas Reference kind comes from System Object. means that price kind stores a specific price however a reference kind stores a reference or address to the thing

String, Object, array are the reference kind, as they’re keep in heap and dynamic in nature. I think You Very well Understand about SQL Server Interview Questions…

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